Signs and Symptoms – A Handbook for Personal Trainers

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At last a book designed specifically for Personal Trainers to maximise their clients’ results! 10 common but often unrecognised health conditions that can sabotage optimal fitness results are addressed.

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Each chapter presents information about a particular health condition and is set out in a user-friendly way:

Overview of the condition
Signs and symptoms
Case History
Who it is most likely to affect
Relevant questions to ask your client
Referrals and Recommendations
The bottom line

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1 review for Signs and Symptoms – A Handbook for Personal Trainers

  1. Daniel Carlin - founder and CEO Elevate Performance, former Personal Trainer.

    ‘What an absolutely awesome book, I loved it. I wish it had been written back when I was a Personal Trainer – the information is focused and much-needed for those in the fitness industry.

    Janet Marshall is a phenomenal Naturopath with extensive experience working closely with
    personal trainers and their clients. Her knowledge is amazing and I have personally seen first-hand the results that she produces.

    As the fitness industry realizes their clients are looking for a holistic approach to their health, PTs need to build a support network of health professionals and believe me, Janet Marshall is someone you want in your network!’

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