About Marshall Health

I provide mobile natural health education and solutions to the workplace, home or gym.

Marshall Health was born in 2009, specialising in workplace health education and consultations for corporate employees and executives. My goal is to support individuals in their quest to achieve sustainable energy and focus, thereby maximising their performance at work and at play.

About Janet Marshall

I have been immersed in health and wellness for most of my adult life. From nurse to pathology technician, fitness consultant, triathlete, massage therapist, nutritionist and naturopath, my experience in health is broad. Working in sales and marketing for the wine industry taught me the importance of building strong relationships and delivering the best outcomes for my clients.

I enjoy working with all types of people, be they high flying executives with demanding lives, gym junkies wanting to get more from their workout or the middle-aged woman with her own set of challenges.

Qualifications: BHSc (Complementary Medicine), Adv Dip Naturopathy, Dip Nutrition, Cert IV TAE 4110

"My health philosophy is based around simplicity and consistency. Eat real food, exercise most days, get enough rest and laugh a lot!  In the rush of daily living and the tension of achievement we can forget this basic fact - without health we have nothing."